How will I help you in your fitness journey ?

The only  reason that you are on this page and you are reading this is because you are tired of being body shamed by people and you want to build your self-esteem by living a fit life and having a beautiful body. A few years ago I was obese as fuck and it wasn’t due to overeating but due to depression I had faced in life. It is a serious misconception that the only reason for weight gain/loss is just due to overeating. But I decided that I wont let this trauma screw my life and began  my own fitness journey.  Since then I haven’t looked back and fitness has become my passion and helping those on the same journey as mine.

        If I have transformed myself so can you. So just do me a favor and lift your ass off the couch and hit the iron mothafucka !!!

They threw rocks at me, I used them to build my castle
The Grind Never Stops