My Bodybuilding motivation – The Austrian Oak “Arnold Schwarzenegger”

Whenever we start doing something in life we always need some motivation otherwise its just a task in futility.  When I embarked on my bodybuilding journey I looked up to Arnold as my idol. I still look up to him as a source of inspiration even though he is in his  sixties his biceps are bigger than mine. Yeah muscle does has memory.

Look at those peaks goddammit !

Pumping Iron

I fell in love with his persona and his body when I saw him first in Pumping Iron. Not only did he have a perfect aesthetic and chiseled body but he also had a sense of humor and cockiness in him which set him apart from the rest. Speaking about his physique I think he is the best bodybuilder in history.


He had the biggest biceps peaks, wide shoulders, perfect abs and the greatest back which gave the v-taper every girl looks for in a man. Besides this he had an advantage of being taller than other bodybuilders.

Generation Iron

 I respect the bodybuilders today like Phil Heath and Kai Greene but this generation of iron have forgotten about the aesthetics by trading for size. Now come on, who likes to see a bubble gut on a stage despite those monstrous and freaky arms and quads.

bubble gut bubble bubble bubble gut

I shall conclude by some motivation by Arnold himself. Try to read this in his voice.

“With my desire and drive, I definitely wasn’t normal. Normal people can be happy with a regular life. I was different. I felt there was more to life than plodding through a normal existence… I have always been impressed by stories of greatness and power. I wanted to do something special, to be recognized as the best. I saw bodybuilding as the vehicle that would take me to the top, and I put all my energy into it.” And so with beliefs and dreams like that, he reached the top and everything he has ever done. And it all started in his head… with visions, with dreams, would goals.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger


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