Why ego lifting is the worst thing you can do at the gym

If you idolize Bradley Martyn , Ronney Coleman or any other pro as your fitness icon, always remember they all started small. No one made it huge in a day (even though they were on roids). Now if you have the misconception that the heavier I lift the bigger I will get then you are wrong my friend.  Take a look at the video below and contemplate.

What do you think. Does he train hard or trens hard lol

This asshole thought that he could leg press like Ronney Coleman with all the “lightweight” and the “yeah buddy” crap and not end up in the hospital. In the end karma played its part.

Always remember it is your form, diet and the weights your body can handle which allow you to make gains. Always listen to what your body says. Morderate weight is the ideal weight for making gains.

If still you insist on going heavy always have a spotter handy to help you.  Train sane and not insane to avoid such injuries and stay safe.