Bicep Anatomy & Exercises| Biceps Workout and Tips for mass and peak

Are you tired of aimlessly doing those bicep curls in the gym and frustrated to see no results. I understand your feelings because I have been through the same until I properly understood the biceps anatomy and targeted my weak bicep muscle groups from all angles to blast those guns. Lets first understand the anatomy.

The Anatomy


As illustrated in the diagram above the biceps or the biceps brachii consists of two heads

  • The Long Head or The Outer Head
  • The Short Head or The Inner Head

The Long Head

This head of the biceps is on the outer side and is mostly visible during the back double bicep pose


supine grip is recommended for targetting this muscle area. The exercises which work the bicep long head are

    1. Barbell Curls

2. Incline Curls

3. Concentration Curl

The Short Head

The shorter head of the bicep is located on the interior sides closer to your chest and is visible during the front double bicep pose.


A close supine grip is recommended to target the short head. Exercises for this muscle area are

    1. Close grip Preacher Curls

2. EZ Bar Curl

The Brachioradialis

It is the muscle of the forearm that flexes the forearm at the elbow. The exercises you can do for this muscle are

1. Hammer Curls

2. Pronated EZ Barbell Curls

If all of these workouts are done with proper form and technique with light to morderate weight I promise you this bicep workout will leave you sore rather than sorry.