Bodybuilding and weight loss| Lose Weight Naturally & Quickly

I know that majority of the folk out there probably join the gym for fat loss. Ironically those who are only on the treadmill or the elliptical machine hardly get leaner than those who train with weights.

Pan Cakes vs Booty
The Reason ?

Adding muscle not only gives you the toned look it also increases your metabolism which speeds up your fat burning process.Also when you are sore due to lifting the muscles tap fat for recovery and repair.

Also for beginners it is essential to know about catabolism and anabolism first.A high rate of anabolism is what every bodybuilder craves for. Basically anabolism is the constructive type of metabolism in which the body uses the protein resources to build muscle.

Catabolism is a state in which the glycogen or the energy source in your body is severely depleted and it replaces it with the existing protein from muscles leaving you drained out.

That is the reason why I avoid heavy cardio!

Why lose those hard earned muscles when you can get lean by dieting and lifting. So what can you do to lose fat now that you know what processes take place in your body.

  •  For fat loss always keep the rep range between 12- 15 for a set. This increases the muscle endurance giving a lean look to your muscles.
  • Keep your diet high in protein ,morderate in carbs and low on fat to enhance the fat loss.
  •  Also reduce the sodium intake and drink 1-2 gallons of water a day to flush out the salt from the body and lose the water weight.
  • Never compromise on your sleep as sleep produces hormones for anabolism.

Happy Lifting!!