Why women should lift | Bodybuilding motivation for all those alpha females out there

Women should consider fitness by lifting weights. It does not only help fat loss but also enhances ones personality


The Fear of Looking Manly

Most of the woman and the girls today prefer sticking to cardio. They feel that if they lift weights they will probably look like this


Unless you want to compete at the Olympias and are ready to inject roids into your body, working out will never do this to you. Instead if you start lifting you might end up like this

Andrea Espada

Surveys have proven that men find women who lift more attractive than those who dont. Now there are also women who lift but have a serious misconception that lighter weights and more repetitions will make them more toned and lean.

The same logic of lifting which is applicable for men applies to women as well.  Apart from looking good it greatly boosts your self-esteem and confidence too.

So all those women reading this post start lifting seriously and let go the fear of looking manly.

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Ashley Kaltwasser