CrossFit or CrossShit ?

Crossfit has recently become a trend in the fitness industry. You can see new gyms emerging nowadays with crossfunctional training areas. Even my own gym has one but I know it aint for me.

This is what my gym’s crossfit area looks like

So is crossfit the real deal?

For those who dont know about crossfit, the crossfit community defines it as “functional exercises that are varied constantly at high intensity”. It claims to improve ones endurance, stamina, strength, agility, balance etc.

My opinion – “Bullshit

A lot of guys in my gym in the crossfit area try attempting deadlifts with rounded backs fucking up the form and their back royally.

Also the crossfit plates are way lighter than iron plates creating an illusion that crossfitters are stronger and lift heavier than bodybuilders.  These bros deserve serious bitchslapping.

Long time ago I also decided to give it a chance by trying some cleans and jerks but ended being a total jerk. I lost all my muscle in the process.

In the end just a word of advice

“Crossfit is injurious to health. Stay away from it and stick to bodybuilding.”

And yeah look what it did to Bradley Martyn.