How to gain weight fast and naturally| A diet to gain weight and muscle quickly

I know that a lot of  you guys out there find it hard to gain weight which is why you are probably reading this. No matter how much you eat the weighing scale wont budge. You have been blessed with a metabolism so high that it seems like a curse.

Don’t worry Sid’s here to help. After all I was skinny too before I even started lifting.

Throwback to the days when I went from bones to buff
So what did I do to overcome this ?

First of all we need to correct your diet.  For an ectomorph the diet needs to be calorie dense. It means that you should have foods which are heavy in calories and light on the stomach like oats, a lot of veggies, milk etc.

 Maintain the protein intake upto twice your body weight.One gram of protein yields 4 calories. For example if you weigh 60 kilos take up to 120-130 grams of protein per day. Majority of the protein intake must come from whole foods such as meat,eggs and milk. For vegans the protein sources can be cottage cheese, soy chunks and soya milk. The rest of the protein can be from  supplements. I generally take 30 grams of protein from supplements.

Carbs also yield same amount of calories as proteins and are necessary for energy and overall wellness. Good sources of carbs which can help you are sweet potatoes, oats, beans,pasta,sweet corn etc. A lot of my skinny friends resort to unhealthy and bad carbs (junk food) and end up looking puffy instead of toned. We don’t want to go there and we will try to keep it healthy. Carbohydrates should always be moderate.

Fats  are important too. They help cushioning your internal organs but should be kept at minimum intake as they provide 8 calories per gram.  You can have fish, chia seeds,  peanuts, avocados as your source for fat.

Always have more amount of meals a day at regular intervals. I have 6 meals a day. This way the stomach feels constantly satiated . Our goal here is to avoid catabolism which doesn’t allow you to add muscle and thereby gain weight.

When it comes to workout rule no. 1 is you avoid cardio at all cost. Cardio is a catabolic process and since you are already struggling to add pounds why drop them. Instead focus on your strength training.

Use the concept of progressive overload in your training. This simply means that you constantly raise the bar by adding more weights to your training. But always have proper form and technique and add only that much amount of weights you can handle. Dont be a egolifting d’bag.  Progressive Overloading increases the muscle hypertrophy and overall strength.

Now that you know it go and implement it !