How not to deadlift| Bicep Tear and how to avoid it

Deadlift is a very strong and powerful exercise when it comes to increasing the strength in a holistic way.

It works majorly the back and the legs but also brings the glutes, biceps and traps into action.

Researches have shown that compound exercises like deadlifts, squats and bench presses boost the testosterone levels in men. So guys if you want more action in bed you better be doing these.

But where do we go wrong when it comes to deadlifting ?

Deadlift is a volume training exercise which means that you basically perform it for a high number of sets. Typically the number of sets can go upto 8 but not more.

But the most common mistake where people fuck up is the form of the exercise.

If you are a newbie you probably must not have tried this exercise and I wont advise you to.

But if you look closely to some lifters who have been lifting for some time, try to attempt a PR (personal record)

In the process they end up rounding their backs to complete a rep.

#1 rule in deadlifting- Never round you back

Also an often negected fact is people slightly bend their elbows when they lift.If you bend your elbows a deadlift becomes a partial bicep curl.

So before you deadlift never round your back and keep your arms locked at the elbows for a safe and effective lift.