To drink or not to drink that is the question


Let’s face it guys you’ve heard that drinking a lot especially beer gives you a big belly, but lets get the facts right.

Myth : Drinking beer and liquor will give you a beer belly

Fact: Drinking too much beer and liquor along with too much carbs (nachos, fries) will give you that belly.

 Now how much is too much of beer ?

Well you decide to party this weekend and you want to have a great time with your friends. So for starters you order a pint of beer. A pint of beer costs you 17 grams of carbs which is equivalent to 68 calories which is good.

Overall a beer pint adds 215-230 calories to your system.  But now you decide to get sloshed and add those shots to your list.

A vodka shot yields 70- 75 calories. But you wont be done with just one shot. So you want more and also add a couple of pints till you get drunk. Now you do the math.

Thats  not all we didnt take the junk into account. Just 100 grams of fries will add another 141 calories. So dont forget about the calories such foods can add.

Also too much boozing affects your electrolytic balance and testosterone levels. This means you will have a hard time making gains in the gym for a couple of few days.

So a smart way you can have fun with your friends is if you

  • Limit your beer to 1 -2 pints
  • Have more protein such as grilled chicken, paneer rather than fries, nachos
  • Avoid mixers if you want to have liquor. Prefer water or soda instead.

Happy Boozing!