How to meditate for beginners step by step | Meditation benefits for fitness and health

This post goes out to all those office goers out there who feel that they are constantly under the stress of the workload or meeting those deadlines.

In order to let all of that stress out we resort to various means like smoking, sipping cups of tea or mindlessly browsing the Instagram or Facebook feed.

Why let such means ruin our health when we have something like meditation at our disposal.

I know that meditation has been stereotyped as practices which only weirdos and freaks do. Thus dismissing it as hokum. But if we haven’t tried it yet ourselves how are we supposed to even judge it.

Even Hollywood stars like Hugh Jackman, Jim Carrey and Julia Roberts practice meditation and approve of its effectiveness.

The Science Of Meditation

There are basically three brain wave states of the human mind

  1.  The Beta State
  2. The Alpha State
  3. The Theta State

Normally we all function in the beta state of mind. The beta state has a frequency of 12-30 Hz. This state worsens further when we overthink and worry which is natural but harmful for the body. Worrying causes a hormone called cortisol to be secreted  in the body which keeps on increasing as you age.

High levels of cortisol can cause less sleep thus affecting the normal functioning of the body clock. Your metabolism decreases and you have a craving for unhealthy foods. Also your immunity decreases significantly due to high levels of cortisol.

So the only way out to reduce cortisol levels is by reducing the frequency of the brain waves and reach to alpha and theta levels.  Meditation is our  only tool in this situation. If you think that cigarette or a joint will help, you are only going to lose your focus, that’s it. You look like a fuckmook rather than cool.

The Technique

Now you may think that meditation is a lot of work watching those thoughts or watching the breath. But if it benefits you by making you calm it is definitely worth it.
So the question, How do I do meditation ?

  1.  Set comfortably in a cross legged position with any meditation mudra of your choice. A mudra helps in increasing your mindfulness and attention.
  2.  Pay attention to the breath as you inhale. You need not need to manipulate the rhythm of the breath. Just observe.
  3. After the inhale now pay attention to the out breath on you exhale. Let it be natural dont force it.
  4. Also observe the rising and the falling of your belly as you inhale and exhale.

    Do this for 20 to 30 minutes and if you play your cards right you might feel more relaxed and calmer than before. 

    Give it a go


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