Training With Celebs- Kranti Jha

“Interview Doge Sir? I asked him

“Samosa Khilaoge” he replied

Meet the man who taught Sushant Singh Rajput the helicopter in Dhoni aka Santosh aka Mr. Kranti Prakash Jha.


He has starred in the film Mithila Makaan which received the National Award. Also his notable mentions include Ramleela, Deswa and Once Upon A Time in Bihar.

He has a versatile fitness routine. Apart from weight training, hes into MMA (mixed martial arts).

Guys if youre thinking of taking up some MMA training then you have a definite go ahead from me.

MMA training is a brutal form of cardio which means you are going to burn a lot of fat from this training rather than the conventional treadmill and cycling approach. Besidea fitness you can defend yourself if in case you get into a fight.  Also you can take out all your stress out with this ttpe of training.

Apart from this, he plays squash, likes hiking, traveling and playing cricket.

Lets wish him the best guys!!