The Science Of Making Gains

Making gains in the gym is a hell of a task if you dont get your facts right.

Thats the reason why we hire personal trainers thus to ensure we follow strict form and proper technique.

Correct form and technique are essential but thats not how champs are made.

If you’ve seen champs like Phil Heath or Ronnie train, then you might have noticed that sometimes they hardly care about their form.

Focusing on form is okay but sometimes you just have to push your limits or go an extra mile to see subtantial muscle growth.

Also there is a myth revolving around the fact that “Bigger the weights bigger the gains”.

Lets science the shit out of this myth.

Heavier weights mean that you go 4-8 percent higher than you usually lift.

Progressive Overload is meant to be done gradually and not all at once.

Also sometimes while going heavy the form may be shaky but you dont want to compromise it entirely.

For example Arnold stressed on cheating on the bicep curls. But cracking your back wasn’t his implication.

Also various other factors too come in play when it comes to making serious gains.

Let’s consider each factor one by one.

Variation Of Angles

Targetting the muscle groups at various angles will affect them separately.

For example, dumbbell curls will increase your bicep size but performing spider curls on an inclined bench will hit the peak of the bicep.

Tempo Of The Set

There has to be a certain tempo to your set when you train. By tempo I mean the ratio of the concentrics to the isometrics to the eccentrics.

(For beginners

Concentric motion is the postive contracting part of a set. Isometrics is when you hold at the top of a concentric.

Eccentric motion is the negative extension bit of the set.)

Ideally the concentric should be brief for about a second, the isometric should be for 2 seconds and the eccentrics can be worked slowly upto 3 seconds to feel the burn.


Partial repetitions increase the muscle gains as claimed by many bodybuilding gurus. Partials can significantly increase the muscle size since you are pushing to max failure

Number Of Repetitions

Repetitions in the range of 8-10 are meant for strength. 12 is the magic number for size, strength and endurance. Anything beyond 15 is strictly meant for endurance.

Finally it is upto to you to mix match each of these factors to give yourself the best pump possible.

We brought you the info, its upto you to implement.