Workouts For Women | Exercises for glutes and flat belly

After ladies like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj broke the internet with their never ending asses, most of the women today want to look like them and will join the gym only to get their glutes toned up.

And why not ,men dig women with booty rather than a flat ass.

So this workout goes out to all the ladies who are searching for a perfect workout routine for a flat belly and curvy glutes.

Ab exercises for a flat tummy

  Now no matter how many ab crunches or situps you perform you wont reveal those abs unless you maintain a proper diet. So you have to keep a check on your carb and fat intake if you want to flash those abs. Performing the ab exercises below will only tighten your core and give your abdominals a defined look.

1) Ab Crunches: This exercise works on the upper abs.

2) Russian Twists: Wanna lose those love handles ? Try this 

3) Leg Raises: Dont forget the lower abs

Normally I am against cardio but women cant stay without it. If you want to do cardio try doing it HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style. 

Now lets train those glutes

When it comes to glutes the squat is your friend.  Most of the workouts are mainly a variant of squats when it comes to targetting the glutes. Go ahead and check out these workouts

1)  Barbell Squat

2) Sumo Dumbbell Squat 

3) Squat with kickback

4) Hip Lift progression

5) Deadlifts

So that wraps up the ab and glute workout. Correct form and technique are key for success in this workout. Hope you ladies liked it.


How to meditate for beginners step by step | Meditation benefits for fitness and health

This post goes out to all those office goers out there who feel that they are constantly under the stress of the workload or meeting those deadlines.

In order to let all of that stress out we resort to various means like smoking, sipping cups of tea or mindlessly browsing the Instagram or Facebook feed.

Why let such means ruin our health when we have something like meditation at our disposal.

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Training with Celebs – Harry Josh

You may have seen him playing as a villain in movies such as  Welcome Back,  Wanted, Golmaal 3 etc. He recently featured in a tv commercial of an inner wear ad against Akshay Kumar (Dollar Big Boss).



But if you meet him in person he is friendly as a child and a real gem of a person. He is a respected veteran in the Bollywood industry and has starred along with many top list B-town actors such as Salman Khan,  Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan etc.


 Speaking about his physique he is tall and lean to the core.


I bear testimony to the fact that he  trains like a beast. I have seen him pushing the entire rack of weights for a tricep pushdown exercise.


Currently he is focusing on adding more muscle mass to his body as advised by Akshay Kumar for his upcoming projects. Furthermore he will be also be seen in the movies French Rani which is a french tv series and Mumbai Mein Narak

I wish him the best to accomplish his fitness and acting goals in the future.

How to gain weight fast and naturally| A diet to gain weight and muscle quickly

I know that a lot of  you guys out there find it hard to gain weight which is why you are probably reading this. No matter how much you eat the weighing scale wont budge. You have been blessed with a metabolism so high that it seems like a curse.

Don’t worry Sid’s here to help. After all I was skinny too before I even started lifting.

Throwback to the days when I went from bones to buff
So what did I do to overcome this ?

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